“Quality and innovation go hand in hand at Orenda. It is our belief that our existence as a business is only justified when we “think” ahead of the “expected”. A culture of innovation and an uncompromising quality culture is what we nurture at Orenda across products, processes and management methods.”

OFPL’s philosophy of quality not only encompasses delivering consistent product quality, but also includes process quality in handling, manufacturing and distribution.

OFPL is in the process of establishing quality benchmarks that will ensure a high level of trust from our customers upon us. Be it pursuing ISO certifications, seeking membership to the prestigious NAFARI (National Agriculture & Food Analysis Research Institute, India),or membership to the World Food Logistics Organization(WFLO),OFPL will explore every aspect to ensure that it exceeds consumer expectations for hygiene and standardization on a consistent basis.


OFPL is committed to a high and uncompromising level of professional ethics. Our approach to the market has been deeply appreciated by our customers and suppliers.

OFPL works in close coordination with growers, government agencies, policy makers and other related intermediaries to incorporate a high standard of corporate governance, adopt management methods and technologies that put consumers at the centre of our products and service offerings.

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