Let’s InnovEAT!

Welcome to our world of INNOV- EATION! Yes..INNOV-EATION!. . The word that is at the core of our business and everything else attached to it!

We would like to introduce ourselves as one of India’s leading manufacturers of Tex-Mex products. Orenda Foods was setup to explore opportunities to offer great products to the “experimental Indian consumer”.

Started in 2009, Orenda Foods became synonymous with consumers, hoteliers, chefs, caterers for offering great products that combined freshness and great taste in all products in the Tex-Mex condiment basket.

Today, Orenda Foods, supplies its products to top hotel chains, fine dining restaurants, popular multiplex chains and caterers across India.

Making everyday delicious through innov-eat-ion! By using premium raw ingredients and signature preparation methods we aim to provide feisty, spicy, aromatic and exciting Mexican cuisine, brought alive by our exclusive range of Mexican condiments.

What's New?


Taco Shells

Cocktail Tostadas

Flour Tortillas

Corn Tortillas

Salsa Sauce

Tomato Salsa Sauce