Our Businesses -

Orenda Foods is currently one of the leading manufacturers of Mexican condiments in India. What started by trading Mexican products from October 2010 to November 2011, soon transformed into a manufacturing activity from December 2011. Since then, Mexican products manufacturing has become the mainstay of the company. The Company has recently launched a brand called “EL Dorado” that promises to offer multiple products in the Mexican condiment range.

Quick Service Restaurants -

Orenda Foods’s currently operates a QSR brand named Chips & More!®

Chips& More! Stands for all things exciting in the finger foods category. From finger licking, nachos with melted cheese to the sinfully indulgent burrito.. C&M has it all!

Chips& More! is a registered brand of the company and successfully operates in prominent places in Pune and primarily offers popular Tex-Mex products. Operating in a kiosk format, C&M has great options for meals, snacks and beverages to consumers of all age groups.

Chips & More!® is expected to open outlets across India in the years to come.

Manufacturing -

Orenda Foods’ flagship business, our manufacturing unit based in Pune, churns out Corn Chips, Tortillas, Tostadas & Taco Shells in all its glorious freshness!

Manufactured under strict supervision of qualified Food technologists and always putting hygienic practices first, Orenda Foods’ has always maintained a high level of quality in all its products.

The plant is also certified under the latest FSSAI standards and soon will be certified with an international quality certification body.

Food Distribution & Services -

Foodservice defines those businesses, institutions, and companies responsible for any meal, product prepared outside the home. This industry includes companies that develop, package, promote, distribute, purchase, and reach products and services from the place of origin of the product or service to the end customer.

A food service operator is an intermediary organization that offers many benefits to manufacturers/ service providers, and customers. A few of them are as follows.

Benefits to manufacturers -

• Increased “reach” and market penetration
• A focused, “segmental” approach to sales
• Reliable, cost effective method of gathering market information.
• A continuous channel of communication between customers and manufacturers/ original service providers
• A geography agnostic approach to reaching out to your potential customers.

Benefits to customers -

• A “one-stop-shop” advantage of purchasing of products.
• Reduces search costs and provides better control through the entire purchase process
• Can easily be adapted for multi-location deliveries or centralized deliveries thus ensuring timely availability of products
• Benefit from advisory support from the food service operator on future trends, fluctuations and alternatives on products and services.

At Orenda Foods, we inspire ourselves to deliver continuous value to our organizations that avail our services and to prospective customers who wish to empanel OFPL as their principal food-service operators. Contact us for a more detailed discussion on the various possibilities at sales@orendafoods.com

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