About Us

Our entrepreneurial journey began in the year 2008, when we saw emerging opportunities in India’s food processing and hospitality industry for competent organizations that combine product development capabilities backed with reliable services.

A large section of this Billion plus country aspire food and snacks not just for nutrition but also for the sheer experience of joy and delight of trying great new products. Indians, being global citizens are well exposed to global cuisines and would like a place amongst consumers of other nations who enjoy similar products in their own country.

That sparked off our imagination..! What if we could provide products with similar authenticity to our consumers in India?

In our journey, we did things from scratch-Literally.! “From Scratch” means endless hours of interacting with executive chefs, conducting sensory evaluations at malls & public events. Time well spent.. we believe!

In the near future, Orenda Foods aspires to create brands, products and services that will touch the lives of many consumers not just in India but those around the world too.

Orenda’s offering of products would evolve and offer top class products that adds to the very lifestyle of the modern consumer anywhere in the world!

Our belief in the spirit of exploration and an adventure is at the corner stone of our efforts

What's New?


Taco Shells

Cocktail Tostadas

Flour Tortillas

Corn Tortillas

Salsa Sauce

Tomato Salsa Sauce