Food Service & Distribution

At Orenda, we aim to becoming the unrivaled trailblazers in distributing, and marketing high quality products.

Incorporating management methods that combine technology and real market information, Orenda Foods is in a position to be the “Distributor of choice” to companies and organizations that seek the following support.

Increase in market penetration

Optimizing supply-chain efficiencies

Offering customized logistics interventions

Provide actionable and reliable market data

We at Orenda foods enjoy excellent relationships with established names in the HORECA (Hotels-Restaurants and Caterers) segment in Pune, Goa, Indore and Mumbai). Companies that wish to leverage these relationships can get in touch with us with their needs.

Orenda Foods is also well positioned to take on specific projects in the area of contract logistics, project logistics, procurement and delivery for other organizations.

As a holder of an EXIM license, we could also undertake assignments for export or import of products.

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